Terms and conditions of sale

1. The ticket shall be valid only on the date and time indicated. Only tickets ordered via the VISITBRUSSELS ticket office shall be valid. Any falsification of the ticket shall be prosecuted. /

2. The event reserved by the customer is one which involves a certain amount of risk inherent in the nature of the event. The customer, upon submitting his reservation, accepts the nature of this risk. The event consists of participating in a lunch or dinner that, weather permitting and if there is no last minute administrative obstacle (demonstration, security problems, etc.) will be held around a table seating 32 which is lifted into the air several meters off the ground. If necessary, the dinner will take place at ground level. If the dinner has to be held on the ground, no reimbursement will be given. During the meal, the guests will be harnessed and will not be allowed to leave their seat for the duration of the meal, i.e. 1 hour and 15 minutes. Those people who suffer from vertigo or have to leave for periods of less than two hours will not be given access to the gondola. /

3. The cost of the ticket cannot be reimbursed even in the event of loss or theft. Nor can it be returned or exchanged except in the event of cancellation. If Dinner in the Sky is cancelled on the date and at the time indicated on the ticket, VISITBRUSSELS will reimburse the cost of the ticket. No additional cost would be paid back (transports, flights, hotels, restaurants). No duplicates of the ticket can be provided even in the event of loss or theft. If cancellation or a change of date and time is announced or the locations of Dinner in the Sky for which a reservation has been made are changed, the customer accepts that VISITBRUSSELS, to the extent possible and if it has been notified by the organizers, may use customer details which were noted upon reservation to keep customers informed of the steps to be followed. /

4. The dining ride shall be conducted under the sole responsibility of the organizers. VISITBRUSSELS shall not be held liable under any circumstances in the event of material damage or bodily harm caused to third parties. The same shall apply to any theft or loss that could occur before or during the dining ride for which the ticket is issued. /

5. Proper attire is required. Passengers must follow the organizer’s instructions when getting on and off, and during the ride. /

6. It is prohibited to smoke on board Dinner in the Sky. No food or drink other than those served on board « Dinner in the Sky » are permitted. Menus prepared and served by the Chefs will be communicated during the dinner. /

7. All prices include VAT. /

8. « Dinner in the Sky » cannot guarantee the locations and date of the event nor the chef who will prepare the meal. Dinner in the Sky reserves the right to replace the chef or to choose another location if the latter is not available. /

9. The customer undertakes to adhere to the participation regulation in force, especially concerning misconduct, alcoholism, drug abuse, and non-adherence to instructions specific to the event, etc. The customer may be held liable for any damage or loss resulting from non-compliance with this regulation. /

10. The customer irrevocably accepts that Events in the Sky shall have the right to images on any photos taken during the event which may be used for any purpose. This shall also apply to personal data. /

11. It is essential to be present in due time at the welcome area to ensure your access to Dinner in the Sky. Nor refund will be granted in case of non-attendance or late arrival.


Privacy Statement

Hakuna Matata sprl, a company having its registered office at Avenue Emile de Béco, 47 - 1050 Brussels (Belgium), is the controller of the personal data collected through this website, meaning it determines the purposes and means to process such personal data.

Dinner in the Sky is committed to protecting your personal data in a transparent, secure and lawful manner.

The legislation applicable to such personal data processing by Dinner in the Sky is EU Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

Dinner in the Sky reserves its right to modify the terms of the present privacy statement, in order to comply at all times with legal rules and market practices. The revised privacy statement shall be in use as soon as it is available online, it is therefore recommended that you always read it when entering Dinner in the Sky website.

Personal Data Collected and Processed

Although the consultation of most of the information available in this site does not require you to disclose personal data, some parts of the site might require that you provide Dinner in the Sky with such data.

The personal data collected and processed though this website will be limited to a minimal amount of personal data, and Dinner in the Sky will in any case ask you for your explicit consent before collecting and processing such data.

Purposes of Personal Data Collecting and Processing

By registering your personal data in this website, you agree that Dinner in the Sky may register, collect and process them for the following purposes:

  • To answer the requests you have sent through the sites;
  • To provide you with information services or newsletters you subscribed to;
  • To request from you an assessment of the company, the brand or the website, exclusively by electronic mail;
  • To test and monitor the quality of the website;
  • To comply with legal and regulatory requirements;

The personal data shall be stored for as long as required in order to fulfil the purposes for which they have been collected.

Dinner in the Sky shall not communicate your personal data to third parties for commercial purposes. The personal data you provide Dinner in the Sky with might be subject to transfer to other entities of the Dinner in the Sky group, to subcontractors or service providers whose intervention is necessary to achieve one of the above-mentioned purposes. In this case, Dinner in the Sky will impose to the third parties an adequate and similar level of protection of your personal data, by means of appropriate contract provisions.

Protection of the Personal Data Collected and Processed

Access to personal data collected by Dinner in the Sky during your visit of this website is restricted to the persons who strictly need them in order to perform their duties. Dinner in the Sky has also developed adequate internal guidelines that its employees are bound to comply with when handling your personal data.

Dinner in the Sky has put in place all reasonable technical measures in order to safely store your personal data and safeguard them against unauthorized access, modification or destruction.

As the data you provide Dinner in the Sky with are entered via the internet, which is an open and unprotected network, Dinner in the Sky cannot guarantee the security of the data during the transfer. The same applies to e-mails you send to Dinner in the Sky. Dinner in the Sky therefore strongly recommends you not to send any sensitive information through this communication channel.

Dinner in the Sky might process your personal data in a country located outside of the European Economic Area (“EEA”). Should such country not offer an adequate level of protection, Dinner in the Sky shall enforce the adequate level of protection by means of appropriate contractual provisions.

What are your rights and how to protect them?

You have the right to request access, modification, deletion of your personal data collected by Dinner in the Sky withdraw any consent provided to Dinner in the Sky in relation to your personal data make use of your personal data’s portability, if applicable.

These rights can be exercised free of charge by sending a dated request to Dinner in the Sky, accompanied by a copy of your identification document, to the following email address: info@dinnerinthesky.be

Should you have subscribed online to an information service or newsletter, you have the possibility to cancel such subscription at any time, either directly online or by addressing Dinner in the Sky an email request to that effect, to the following address: info@dinnerinthesky.be

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What cookies do we use?

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